In the lands of milk and honey

Beam us up! We have seen the future and it is full of love.

      Lauren Steury created Sun House to document love:

I am inspired by the natural world, humanity, and the strange, wild beauty that exists in stillness and chaos.

     I wanted to create a business that supports women, encourages collaboration, friendship, and allows for honest conversation. I want to support my queer (LGBTQ) family as well incorporate anti-oppression ethics into every level my our work- whether its being accessible to everyone, finding ways to create sustainable and ethically sourced ceremonies, or allowing for open discussion around transformative ways of laboring, existing, and loving! Join us! 

     I work with many amazing co-creators from ethical and sustainable event coordinators, florists, farmers, chefs and more. I love working with folks who speak the language of love and connection- for each other and our planet. Being kind is easy, being responsible and ethical stewards to our home can be too. Check out our friends, family, and collaborators!


     Lauren studied film and animation in Olympia, Wa where she explored personal identity representation in film, including queer and disability visibility, eroticism, and feminist theory.

     After years of studying color and black and white film photography, moving image was the next step. Digital video and animation, combined with design, lead her to Los Angeles where she worked as a video editor. Lauren moved to her more rural farming community- Mendocino, California in 2016 where she rediscovered her passion for creative filmmaking. She founded Sun House Videography and specializes in creative direction, design, videography, and editing. 

     She is goofy, direct, kind, strong, and practices self advocacy. She loves love!

Good People: Collaborators

Based in California

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